by DeaD JuNkiE



released August 30, 2012

Gregory Merrick



all rights reserved


DeaD JuNkiE Boston, Massachusetts

Recordead in SyrAccuse,NY. u.s.a. 315% the suicidelectrock album,custom tailored to fit the celebratarians.

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Track Name: Stranger
Now I know why we are apart.
We start to regret what we don't forget.
Stranger , I've felt
I melt into , the landscape ...
Now I get by , by the width
Of a thread...
and I will , until I am dead...
Stranger , I've felt
I melt into , the landscape ...
Stranger , I've felt
I melt into , the landscape ...
to avoid rape
Track Name: Possession
Possession,drawing you near...
Possession,feeding your fear...
Track Name: Reduced
Hello my friend
we have not met before.
Come right in and
close the door.

As you can see
I have nothing better to do,
but to suck
what life is left from you.

It is my nature
and it is a trend
I will follow right to the end...

They want me dead;
it will not stop.
They want me dead;
it will not stop.
They want me dead;
it will not stop.
They want me dead;
it will not stop.
Track Name: After All
Into everything you do fall,after all...
waiting for nothing ,caught on a branch you do stall,after all...
it's never enough whatever you do,it's never enough whatever you do to,
make yourself,make yourself,float...
it's always enough whatever you do,it's always enough what you do to,
make yourself,make yourself, sink.
to what ends is this ?
broken momentum is all.
to what ends is this ?
broken momentum is all.
to what ends is this ?
after all.
Track Name: Clouds
You and me , can float away on clouds.
Up in the sky , if you ever try
to get that high , don't you know ?
You will surely die.
So we come back down,
and to touch the ground
Track Name: Into The Sky
Look up into the sky'
at soft clouds floating by you.
I could see it in your eyes
an omen of what you'd let them call true.

This requiem was written for you.
An omen you cannot undo.
Emitting a radiant blue,
this requiem from me and for you.
Track Name: Shifting Phases
Fog has lifted
to reveal the haze.
Can you feel it
this malaise.
Sun is sifting,
through stilted air.
can you see me or'
did I disappear???

Can you feel the moon ?
It will be full soon..
It can pick you up'
and carry you away.
Track Name: Fell By You
When I fell by you down,
you stood up and let the sound resound.
When I gave you all that I had,
you took't down. hmm
Judas kiss,
you didn't feel so bad.
I was dying on the inside.
You took comfort and shelter
on the outside.
Now you think that it is all
Watching and waiting for you
outside your coffin....

You've taken,taken,taken,taken,
You Gave,Nothing...
You lied,about everything
Die,with nothing...
Track Name: Paranoia
or subconscious information.
Time erodes you into,
passive automation.

Revelation coming in ,
deconstructing everything.
Revelations been foreshadowed,
six six six is inside the bar-code
.Revelations coming in ,
deconstructing everything,
to those who wish the past to cling'
death waits patiently poised to sting ...

Revelations become foreshadowed,
666 is inside the bar-code,
Revelations you've lost your head
you try to stop it ,but it's already dead.